by Kyle young

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history of oxygen

oxygen was discovered by Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774 although Joseph is usually the one being credited for the discovery. The name oxygen comes form Antoine Lavoisier he believed oxygen was needed to form a acid but that was proven to be false

source of the history of oxygen

the 3 properties of oxygen

at standard temperature and pressure two atoms of the element bind to form dioxygen a colorless and odorless tasteless and diatomic gas with formula o2.

oxygen is a member of the chalacogen group on the periodic table and is a highly reactive nonmetallic.

the solubility of oxygen in water is temperature dependent

uses of oxygen

oxygen is a tasteless gas it is used to make acid acidic acid. The most reactant is ozone o3. used at hospitals for oxygen supplies kept to help patients that have trouble breathing.

three compounds of oxygen

H2o water hydrogen peroxide H2O2 And potassium super-oxide KO2

periodic table info

the atomic number of oxygen is 8 and the atomic mass is 15.999. It has 8 electrons and 8 protons and 8 neutrons.

model of oxygen

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number of valence electrons

oxygen has six valence electrons
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5 group property of oxygen

group 16 is the oxygen family. Its chemical properties oxygen is the second most electromagnetic only to fluorine. oxygen and sluffer is both common elements.

polonium is a rare discovered element.

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soreces for the five groups property

reaction for oxygen and mangiesm

is a when magnisem burns with oxygen this creates a combustion reaction

formula for rxn

delta t H= m x s x delta t
Magnesium burns to combine with oxygen | Types of Reactions | Chemistr

moler oxygen and mnisien mass

compound of oxygen

NO is the formula. tha name of this compound is nitride oxide. the type of bond is a the percentage of oxygen in this compound is 53.33 %. the percentage of nitrogen in the compound is 23.33 % . the type of bonding for the compound is co-valet bond.
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oxygen poem

oxygen with out it we would all be dead because we need oxygen to breath and to live.

oxygen is also used for other resources like oxygen tanks that helps hospital people that have problems to breath.