Brookwood's Monthly Newsletter

November 2022 Joyful Teaching! Joyful Learning!

From the Desk of the Principal . . . Jacqueline Cubberly

Hello Brookwood Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

THANK YOU BROOKWOOD FAMILIES (and friends and extended families) for your generosity and participation in our Step It Up! fundraiser.

Funds from Step It Up! have been used for the following:
- Assemblies
- Tumble Books online – ebooks available for all students and families 24/7 - see below
- SEL (social emotional learning) activities and materials for all classrooms
- Zones of Regulation materials for all classrooms
- Headphones for every student
- Wireless mice for classroom presentations for all classrooms
- Stopwatches and timers for all students
- Voice amplifiers for every classroom to improve articulation
- Paint and materials for student handprints on our walls

- Mural paintings
- Student prizes

- A DAY of AWESOMENESS for ALL STUDENTS! This is an outdoor event with various blowup slides, jumpers, music and more. June 7, 2023 is our Day of Awesomeness!
Just to name a few!

Again, thank you for your support!

As mentioned at Back to School Nights, our focus this year is to increase student academic performance in Reading. By using a research-based, structured reading curriculum which includes foundational skills in phonemic awareness and phonics, we are certain that our students will have a strong foundation in the primary grades (K - 2), which will increase student acheivement with each passing year.

We can not do this work alone. We, like you, want the best for your child(ren) and together we can build self confident, engaged learners and caring people.

Be safe and well.

Jacqueline Cubberly


11/2 , 11/9 & 11/18 Republic Bank will visit 4th grade to discuss financial responsibility

11/2 School Physicals

11/5 Fall Back - set your clocks back one hour

11/8 No School - Election Day

11/11 No School - Veterans' Day

11/18 Career Day - Students dress based on what they want to be when they grow up!

11/22 Picture Re-Takes

11/23 1:15 Dismissal

11/24 No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25 No School


Step It Up! WINNERS!

MTSS is starting soon - What is MTSS?

  • The goal of MTSS is to intervene early so students can catch up with their peers.

  • It screens all students and aims to address academic and behavior challenges.

  • MTSS stands for multi-tiered system of supports. It’s a framework used to give targeted support to struggling students.

  • MTSS is designed to help schools identify struggling students early and intervene quickly. It focuses on the “whole child.” That means it supports academic growth, but other areas too. These include behavior, social and emotional needs, and absenteeism (not attending school).

  • The tiers of support are a huge part of MTSS. They get more intense from one level to the next. For example, a child getting small group interventions may need to move to one-on-one help or a smaller group of 2-3 students.

Parents/Guardians will be notified when your child is participating in a MTSS intervention group.

From our Brookwood Family to Your Family!

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Hello Brookwood Families,

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to let us know your thoughts on Brookwood.

In order to make positive changes, it is important that we know what is important to you and your child's education.

The survey is available from 10/31/22 through 11/18/22. Thank you!



Hello Brookwood - here is a “GREAT RESOURCE” to use with your families, available for you 24-7 !!! Nights, weekends, holidays, snow days…

We use TUMBLEBOOKS and want to remind everyone to please continue reading online whenever you have your Chromebooks at home.





Any time you get a phone call that your child's bus is not running for the day, please drop your child off at the front of the school at 9:15 am and pick your child up at the BACK of the school in our BUS LOOP at 3:45 pm.

Thank you.


Title 1 and EL (English Learners)

We hosted our Annual Family Literacy Night!

Levittown Library, Kid Time, Bristol Cares, and Lead the Way Therapy Dogs joined us as we celebrated Literacy.

Students and families were able to choose books, read and listen to stories, and create bookmarks.

They even got to choose their very own “pet” reading buddy to take home! It was a fun night for all!

Kindergarten made "Character Snakes"

Each link of the snake has a different character from the story "Wild About Books!".
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Kindergarten is "Wild About Books!"

We also made paper bag puppets of our favorite animal from the story.


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"Book Tasting"

Students in 3rd Grade had a "Book Tasting" - about The Sea !!

Students watched book trailers and got a chance to explore some of the books and artwork they will see in the next few months with our new curriculum, Wit & Wisdom.

What a great way to get excited about READING !!!

THANK YOU Edgley Fire Station for teaching us about fire safety! You are our HEROES!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins!


The Brookwood Tiger Team is hard at work selling Pretzels every Tuesday and Smencils every Thursday (K-2) and Friday (3-5)!

In addition they have been assisting at our monthly assemblies, photographing our students during special events such as Harry Potter Day and Phillies Day.

The Pumpkin Contest was a huge success with almost 200 pumpkins decorated and displayed in the lobby.

Brookwood Spiritwear sale will be available until November 5th. All orders can be placed online only.

November’s Fun Friday is November 18th- Career Day. Students and staff are encouraged to dress as their dream career.


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Pumpkin Decorating WINNERS!

Technology Insurance for your child's Chromebook

It is strongly recommended that you purchase Technology Insurance for only $35.00.

Otherwise, the cost or replacement due to negligence is as follows:

- Broken/missing charger $35

- Vandalism assessed on a case by case basis

- Stolen/Broken Chromebook beyond repair $250

WITH insurance the fees are:

- Damage deductible ...... $0 (1st occurrence)

- Damage deductible ...... $15 (2nd occurrence)

- Damage deductible…….$25 (3rd occurrence)

There is a video, on our Brookwood Website that will walk you through the steps to purchase insurance.


Focusing on the Positive!

Positive Office Referrals

The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) team has officially kicked off their Positive Office Referrals for the 2022-2023 school year!

With this initiative, staff are able to recognize students for doing something good within the school setting.

Each Friday, the nominated students will have their names announced, be given a certificate of recognition and six students have a chance to spin the prize wheel.

Didn’t get to spin the prize wheel? No problem! Each nominated student's name is placed into a raffle at the end of the month.

The winner of this raffle will receive a gift card of his/her choice.

We look forward to seeing your child in our next newsletter!

Positive Office Referral system

Interested in knowing more about this?

Please feel free to click on the blue hyperlink above.

Character Trait of the Month - GRATITUDE!

What does it mean to be grateful?

Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness towards the world, or towards specific individuals. The person who feels gratitude is thankful for what he/she has, and does not constantly seek more.

How can you be grateful?

Tips for being grateful

  1. Say “Thank you!”

  2. Remember what you appreciate most.

  3. Notice the beauty in nature each day.

  4. Nurture the friendships you have, good friends don’t come along every day.

  5. Commit to one day a week when you won’t complain about anything.

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THANK YOU Starbuck's for Coffee and Treats! We are Grateful!

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Science in Ms. Everitt's Class

Students made an object appear to float using static electricity!

When two different materials rub against each other, they become electrically charged - one becomes positive, and the other becomes negative.

Opposite charges ATTRACT and like charges REPEL. The balloon and plastic have the same charge, which causes them to repel (move away from each other).

More Science . . .

Students learned how and why flowers are pollinated.

In the activity, they made flower models out of paper and bee models out of pipe cleaners.

Students flew their bees from flower to flower and observed what happens to the flower’s pollen during this process.


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Wit & Wisdom

Students in 3rd Grade are growing their brains in Module 1: The Sea

They are listening to and learning how to annotate poems.

In addition, they are becoming illustrators using the Elements of Art and discussing with partners their use of composition, lines and color.

What a fun way to explore the sea in new ways !!