Weekly Update 7.7.14

and June Re-cap

Southern Charms

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Bringing HOOPLA Home

This is the last team update prior to Hoopla so let's make sure we have a pre and post-Hoopla plan in place!
Here are some tips to help you make the most of this oh so exciting month…
  • Plan to attend your local Fall Soiree and don’t go alone…bring a potential Stylist with you! The energy, excitement and buzz surrounding a new line is contagious…let’s share it!
  • Who's hands do you want that gorgeous new lookbook to land in first? Get a list together now of your past hostesses and best customers. Go ahead and address your envelopes. That way when the new lookbook arrives, yours are ready to hit the mail!
  • Host your own trunk show. July is the perfect month for you to host your own trunk show/sample sale. Turn those samples into cash and you’ll have money to invest in our new fall collection.
  • Talk about booking now! You want to make sure you have trunk shows to come home to after Hoopla so that you can put your new skills to work! Schedule booking/sponsoring calls post Hoopla – you are going to want to put your new skills to work!
  • Not going to Hoopla? You can still share the excitement! Customers will be able to purchase the line on July 19th, so start sharing the images found in the Stylist Lounge!
And don't forget about DOT DOLLARS....get ready to reach out personally to every single person who ordered in June and help them use their dot dollars.

Let's Celebrate June Promotions! Congrats!

Ashley Ryan - Star Stylist

Hometown: Greenville, SC
Start Date: 06/09/2012
Stats: I am a stay at home mom of 2, I used to work in Real estate doing marketing, and I do love to decorate :)
3 month goal: To hit star again, help my girls to promote and to sponsor 3 more girls on my team :)

Joy Johnson - Associate Director

Hometown: Forest, VA

Start Date: April 30, 2012 (I was a "kitnapper")

Stats: I'm a stay at home mom to two small children. My husband is a small business owner and works 50+ hours a week. This job brings me so my joy. It's my time to be me, make new friends and supply funds to my family.
Fave part of the business: My favorite part of this job has been coaching my incredible team. My background is in counseling and I love that I get to use my love for helping others through Stella & Dot.
3 month goal: I have already set a plan in place to help promote two more stars on my downline. It would bring me so much happiness to help anyone who wants leadership to get there.

Congrats to our newest Lead Stylists!

Chelsea Anderson
Meghan Correll
Karla Dofflemyer
Jessa Helm
Sarah Johnson
Sallie Kjos
Jessica McCloskey
April Parks
Lee West

Top Sellers June

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Kimberly Jones $12,110

Ashley Ryan $10,776
Lyric Hassler $8,998
Victoria Husband $8,613
Kelly Cox $7,077
Barbara Ellis $6,650
Christine Swartz $6,361
Kathryn Railsback $5,836
Katie Kathman $5,366
Karla Dofflemyer $5,196

Top Sellers - July Month to Date

Meghan Lawler $2,505

Samantha Tunador $1,569
Marcy Abate $1,230
Abigail Bennett $924
Kristie Siroonian $671
Jessica Sigler $671
Cara Bennett $667
Kimberly Standiford $556
Lynde Ulmer $516

Top in Sponsoring- June
Congrats to these ladies for each sponsoring 3 new Stylists!

Barbara Ellis

Jess Sigler

April Likins

Congrats to these three ladies for each sponsoring 2 new stylists!

Amanda McDanel
Sidney Garcia
Christine Scott
Christine Swartz
Kim Jones
Lyric Hassler
Abigail Bennett
Karla Dofflemeyer

There were many more who joined in June - congrats to all of you who grew your team!
Check the Events tab (under Training) in the Lounge to find more events happening across the country!

McLean, VA
Monday, July 9th
Mylo's Grill
7:00 Opportunity Event
Register Here
7:30 Local Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Charlottesville, VA
Wednesday, July 9th
Bevello @ Barracks Road
7:00 Local Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Home Office Training Calls

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!

Welcome New Stylists!

Congrats on choosing Stella & Dot! We can't wait to help you grow your business!

Christine Ambrose
Ashley Corey
Megan Dawson
Meghan Dickey
Lisa Hart
Kasey Mcfarling
Hope Miles
Cinnamon Poland
Stephanie Wade
Emily Whittle

Join our team facebook page!

This team page has been created for Stylists to share best practices, offer encouragement and inspiration as you reach your goals.
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Last week to register for Hoopla

Join us on our Hoopla in Style 2014 page once you've registered!
This is your place to connect with a roommate, coordinate transportation, plan team events, etc. Can't wait to see you in ORLANDO!

Classic Charms/Southern Charms Team Party
Immediately following the Fashion Show.

**Stylist's/teams can plan for dinner with smaller groups afterwards… just don't plan dinner too early (7:30 or later should be safe). We will do fun recognition, etc!

My Upcoming Show Schedule

July 24th Midlothian
July 31st Midlothian


XO, Kelly

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