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Shop eco-friendly non-toxic products this holiday season!

My family THANKS you!!

Hi friends!

The holiday frenzy has begun! I have always been one to challenge our culture of over-consumption and the mantra of buy, buy, buy. Knowing that this is impossible, I have always suggested alternative ideas to gift buying, including supporting local small businesses, buying fair trade, and buying eco-friendly products. Now that I am a small business owner myself, I know intimately in a new way how important this is! When you buy from small business owners like myself, you're helping to put food on the table, pay for preschool tuition, and upgrade when the old shoes no longer fit! So, while supporting small businesses might mean buying less overall, you're actually giving MORE to make a positive difference in this world.

So, thank you, in advance for your support this holiday season. My family and I appreciate your business!



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Feed the hungry! Make a world of difference!

This month, Ava is partnering with Edesia to donate 1 PlumpyNut packet for every order placed. My goal is to have 55 orders, which will feed one child for an entire week! I'm already at 20 orders. Can you help me get 35 more? Every order counts! Not only will you get to feed the hungry with your order, you'll fill your home with eco-friendly products that are also good for your health and the environment, making a world of difference!
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