Whats wrong with Saccharine?

The "deadly" sweetner

where did Saccharine come from?

Saccharine was discovered over 100 years ago at Johns Hopkins University when a scientist noticed his arms were sweet while working on coal-tar derivatives. Many people say he licked an unknown substance from his arms and some say his food tasted sweet later on in the day. His name was Constantin Fahlberg.

Facts about saccharine

Saccharine is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is used in various things from baked goods, to toothpaste. Do you really want to eat something that's in toothpaste? Something that most people don't know is that its also used in cosmetic products. about 20% of Saccharine is made from a substance that's in petroleum called coal tar light oil.

Saccharine pictures

Do you want to take the chance?

Why saccharine should not be used.

There have been many studies showing that saccharine may cause cancer in rats. These test have never proven any cancerous affects on humans, but has also never been tested on humans for cancer. In the 70's saccharine was banned for a short amount of time but now is only required to have a warning label. Saccharine is not absorbed by the body and is passed through the kidneys and flushed in urine which can have side effects on the liver and pancreas. Many people believe that because it contains 0 calories, that it doesn't produce fat in the body. This is not true. Saccharine makes the body produce more insulin in the body. Insulin prevents fat from being metabolized. This function in your body will actually make you want to eat more even if you just ate... making you fat. The graph to the right shows the amount of fat gain compared to glucose.

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