People, Places, and Perserverance

By: Ryan Auer

How is Perserverance Defined?

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt. This quote means to hang on when adversity is at its worst, and eventually you will persevere if you do not yield to adversity. This quote also could mean to not to let obstacles and hardships overwhelm you and get the best of you.

Carry On

Leroy Sutton ran into the obstacle which was he got his legs ran over by a train. This effected his life by making him not able to walk and he was in financial problems. He then had to rely on other people to help him rather than doing them himself. Leroy also had a strong conviction to never give up. Sutton also had to eventually give up one of his favorite things to do which was wrestling. Even though all of these things happened to one person, Leroy was able to never give up and he was also going to peruse his goals in college and not let his setback get in the way of achieving his goals.
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Leroy Sutton

Jackie Robinson Greatness

Jackie Robinson used perseverance to overcome adversity when he broke the color barrier in professional baseball (MLB). He also used resilience to help adapt to the new surroundings of being the African-American baseball player. His triumph was key to opening the gateway for other African-American to be able to play professional baseball and earn themselves a career.
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Jackie Robinson

Winston Churchill Biography

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Winston Churchill

From Rolling Dough

Tom Monaghan faced adversities all throughout his career to make a successful pizzeria. Some of the obstacles he faced were almost filing bankruptcy multiple times, having partners who were bailing out on him, owing about $75,000 in debt, and having his main anchor store burned down in a fire. Tom could have possibly made better choices by being more aware of what his partners were doing with his money. He also could have made better choices by choosing partners who knew what they were doing with the money and the profits they were making. Tom made more bad choices when he chose to expand faster than waiting for his company to make the money needed for the expansion. Tom had resolve to be successful and make his company, Domino's, a popular pizza.
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Tom Monaghan's Pizza Company Logo

The Outsiders: Comparing Ponyboy and Johnny

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

What Can We Learn From Perserverance?

Perseverance can teach and inspire others to try to challenge their personal adversities and try to overcome them. Some people like Tom Monaghan, Jackie Robinson, or even Winston Churchill can help motivate or push someone to do better. Everyone at some point in their lives will face adversity, some will fight, and others will flee. You have the option to choose who you want to be.