The followers are jews


The Hebrews’ religion was called Judaism and they believe in one god called Abraham.People who receive messages from God are called prophets.The Talmud is used to explain Jewish laws. One of the Jews prophets is the Torah.The most sacred text in Judaism is the Torah.
They have a holy book called Nakh, it is like the bible. They believed 3,000 years ago god gave the Torah to Mosses.A Jewish house of worship is called a synagogue.
The three main sects are orthodox, conservative, reformed.Orthodox Jews believe in strictly following the Mosaic law.The Hebrew Bible contains messages from the Hebrew prophets, poetry, stories and songs, and expressions of Hebrew wisdom.Jewish religious leaders were called rabbis.
Traditions and holy days help Jews understand their history. Yom Kippur is considered to be the most holy Jewish day of the year. The Jewish people had to leave their original part of the world because they were forced to move by other religious groups. Jews settled in Eastern Europe, Portugal and Spain. As they adapted to these new cultures, Jewish communities developed languages, rituals and cultures. Yiddish is a language created by the Jews.Women in Hebrew society made a difference because some were political and military leaders who saved their people from enemies. Others were important for showing their devotion to their faith.Jews believe in teaching their children the basics of Judaism and expect both boys and girls to study these beliefs today.

the horn of yom kippur

they use the horn and blow it when yom kippur starts it is very importent and it is a goat horn

some food from yom kippur

some of the food from yom kippur thats what you would would eat if you were a jew