Ugly by Robert Hoge

By D'nadcyn Matia, Ione Konia and Erin Blair


We met Robert Hoges in a book named Ugly in a child version. Robert was born in the year, 1972. He also grew up in Queensland. When he was born, he had facial deformities and leg deformities. This book is also about his childhood and his family.

About Robert

Robert is a very brave boy but not one of the good looking ones. He is very resilient and he does not and I mean does not like apples. He really doesn't care what people say about him. He just tries to ignore people when they tease him. He is also a very clever boy.

Our Feelings About Robert

Robert is a very interesting boy. When Robert got teased and got called cripple we felt sorry and worried about him. We found him very funny too when he kept on giving his apples to David. Robert makes us feel resilient by the way he acts and deal with things even when it's hard and makes him feel down. He is a very special boy that makes us feel special.

The Dislikes Of Apples

Apples, apples, apples. Robert dislikes apples and I will tell you why. Robert gives his apples away to his first friend named David. Robert gave David apples everyday. But when mum found out, she gave Robert two apples for David and him. And when he went to school, he gave David both of the apples.

Robert's Family

Robert has two brothers and two sisters. He had a mother that was very kind but stubborn. His mother wouldn't take him home for 2 weeks, but finally she took him home when the family had a vote and agreed. Roberts father was tough, kind and over protective. He said NO when Robert asked him if he could play Football.

Robert's School

Robert went to a school called Guardian Angels School for gifted children. He went there with his two brothers and his older sister.

Robert Friends

Robert's first friend was David. David is very kind and helpful. Then came along Robert. F, Robert. T and Robert. S. He and the other Roberts became "The Four Roberts".

Robert's First Crush

Robert's first crush was Michelle. He wrote a letter to Michelle and when one of the Robert's told two girls to take it to Michelle, the girls told Robert a deal. The deal was if they have to take it, they had to read the letter first. When they read it, one of the girls bursted out laughing. They teased him saying that he wants to be Michelle's boyfriend and said he has a funny nose. The boys that were around him were snickering and said that he has no legs.

The bad Things In his Life

Robert wasn't accepted and didn't come home for 2 weeks. He got teased at school sometimes about what he looked like. Robert got blamed for eating chocolates when he didn't.

The Good Things In Life

Robert has good things in life as well. Robert has friends and he also knows how to swim. He swam half-way of the pool for a Ronald McDonald watch. Robert has a family that cares about him.


You should read this book to find out about Robert's childhood. About what he gone through, what he faced and most of all what he succeeded in life. This book is very good and leads you to a lot of adventures that Robert has done. So read this book

This book is recommended for ages 8 and up.

There is also the adult version as well. ; )

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His New Family

Robert has a wife a little baby girl. He looks very HAPPY! : )


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