Julia Noel North Carolina

Professional Makeup Artist

Julia Noel North Carolina: Spread the Idea of Beauty through Makeup

Many women all over the world can find commonality through makeup and the art of applying it. Not every woman loves to wear it, but for those who do, they can discuss everything. From all of the great techniques they use to apply it, what the best brands are, and who they have that applies their makeup for special events; the options are endless. Professional makeup artists are there to help women for many special events, and some artists even help theater productions do their stage makeup. The idea of cosmetics is a balance of both art and science.

Professional makeup artists have to learn the exact techniques and ways to apply everything such as foundation, mascara, lipstick, and eye makeup. People who become makeup artists do it for the simple fact that they can help people look and feel beautiful. Julia Noel, who is a makeup artist in North Carolina, loves this aspect of her job. She tries to help her clients bring out their natural beauty.

Bringing out a client's natural beauty and accentuating it is what professional makeup artists strive to do. They focus on how to make their clients’ eyes pop and how to make the cheeks perfectly rosy. It is an art to be able to make someone's natural features shine even more with just a few strokes of color and a bit of mascara. It is amazing to see what they can do with just a few supplies.

It takes about a year to become a licensed cosmetologist but the time spent after is the most important. Spending time in the industry and working with people is one of the best ways to perfect the art of makeup application. The longer and the harder you work, the better you will be at making women feel beautiful for whatever special events they need.