Ancient Mali!

Diving Deeper...

First let's learn some vocabulary!

· Natural Resources- materials that come directly from nature

· Human Resources- people working to produce goods and services

Capital Resources- goods made by people and used to produce other goods and services (machines)

· Goods- things people make or use to satisfy needs and wants

· Services- Actions that satisfy people’s needs and wants

With these resources came JOBS!

check out a few of Malian's jobs below!

Now it's your turn!

Your job is to make a Help Wanted Poster for one of the jobs above. You can choose any of the three and create a poster including: the job description, what they produce or how they contribute to their group of people, and a picture showing what they do.

You will be graded on your accuracy of the job, neatness, and how creative the poster it is.

Time to get to work!

The Men in Charge!

King Sundiata

Founding King of Mali! He took over after Mali fought to break free from Ghana. He was very well liked by his people. Sundiata increased military to keep trade routes safe and let slaves work to gain their freedom. He ruled for 25 years!

King Mansa Musa

The richest man to ever live! Mansa Musa came into power when Mali was doing very well and he wanted to continue that through his reign. He was a generous king and when he went out into town he gave away presents. He believed in sharing his wealth. He took a trip to Mecca and gave out so much gold and presents everyone knew the empire of Mali and the great king Mansa Musa!