How To Be Safe On The Internet

How To Be Safe On The Internet

How to be safe on the interne

To be safe in the internet you should have a strong password.You shouldn't be posting inappropriate pictures of you because other people will copy it and then you will try to delete it but you won't be able to get rid of it because you will erase it but other persons already have copied it and they will share it .Also,you shouldn't be posting pictures of other persons and not mess with other persons.This is how you will be safe just don't be doing nothing of this

Strong passwords

Have a strong password so that they wont hack you and post any photos that you have blocked. You should use numbers and symbolls to have a good and strong password.

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To be safe and not be hurt

Be safe on the internet

Be safe

If you follow the instructions you will be safe and happy on the internet and not be having to be moving from schools because of an error you did in the internet.