Lyme Disease

John Brown

What is it?

Diseases are found all around the world. Some are common and some are not so much. Lyme disease is very common in North America and Europe. You might wonder what is Lyme disease? Well Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease. Mostly it comes from the deer tick or the black-legged tick. This disease comes from parasites called bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. This here will tell you more information and facts on Lyme disease as you go on.

When it started

Around the 1970's scientists heard complaints from people in Lyme, Connecticut. Many have claimed of being sick or "catching" something. The scientists found out that many children were playing by the woods, and reported of having tick bites. They started paying attention to the deer tick. That is when it was confirmed that some ticks gave this new disease to people.


Every year around the world about 30,000 people get Lyme disease. Most of these people come from Europe and North America. Scientists though have confirmed that 95% of it comes from 14 states in America. Many people have considered there are more cases happening.

Causes and Symptoms

Lyme disease can destroy many systems in the body. Some are like the Nervous System and many more. It can also damage organs in the body too. Usually Lyme disease doesn't effect the organs and systems severely. Sometimes it can maybe kill or damage many things in your body. In the next paragraph it will tell you what organs Lyme disease go's to.

Organs affected

Lyme disease can kill or damage organs in your body's system. It is a bad thing that this disease destroys many main organs like layers of skin, the heart, and muscles. It can also swell up joints, and make your bones feel weak too. But it can shut down nerves in your muscles also.


Now you might want to know what do I have to do? It is very simple to prevent it with while wearing long sleeves and pants. When going to a wooded place you have to wear that kind of clothes. If coming back from a place like this make sure you have no ticks. If had a tick attached to your skin up to 36 to 48 hrs you need to check with your doctor. You might be subscribed with antibiotics.

Similar diseases

Some diseases are like other diseases, some are not. Lyme disease as you know is tick-borne disease. Here are just some other diseases like Lyme disease in America.

- Colorado tick fever

- the Rocky Mountain spotted fever

No matter what, a disease is a microorganism that is caused by bacteria or a virus that can harm people, or possibly kill.


  • Lyme disease has been common for more than 100 years.
  • Lyme disease got its name from Lyme, Connecticut.
  • From America alone 12,000 to 15,000 people get Lyme disease each year.
  • Although this disease can harm people, it can't harm animals