Touching Spirit Bear Project

By: Logan Jones Author: Ben Mikaelson


Garvey is a kind man with a great personality. He strives to help people no matter the difficulty. Like Cole for example who makes it his first priority to not be helped. Garvey a very smart man seemed to also be like Cole when he was little but has changed through circle justice as a better person. And because of circle justice he is a nice, loving and caring man.


At the beginning Cole was a foul minded delinquent who hated people who weren't scared of him. And after doing something he will soon regret because he will half to go to an unforgiving island, he begins to start looking at things a little differently after being mauled by a bear and returning to the island by request he begins to look at life a little differently. He begins to care about other people and feel sorry for hurting Peter. He turns from a mean and hatred boy to a kind and caring man.


Peter was a smart kind kid who thought that what Cole was doing was wrong, and the matter of fact is that he is right. But devastating blow to the head changed him to a depressed, angered, and mean kid. But a month on the island with the person who gave him permanent brain damage changed him back t the kid he was and became best friends with Cole.


Edwin is very similar to Garvey except he is a Tlinget Indian who cares about helping people just as much as Garvey. He is very nature excelled, knowing very much. He is so nice that he built a shelter for Cole But it is sad that Cole burnt it down, but Edwin is so nice that he helped Cole build another one with Garvey. Edwin was also like Cole when he was around Coles age and went through circle justice and changed as well.


1. The fire burning the shelter showed Coles anger and how hot and bright the fire and his anger were.

2. The ancestor rock showed that he could get rid of his anger and get more anger and enlarge his anger but he was the one in control.

3. The pond represented how Cole could get rid of his anger and control it.

4. The totem pole represent Coles symbols and what he learned while he was at the island. And represents Cole and how he perceives himself and others.

5. The birds in the nest represent how Cole changes and wishes he died not the little baby birds because they did nothing wrong, unlike him. And how he transforms from a terrible menacing boy to a caring and loving man.

"It doesnt matter what other people think or believe, its what you believe. Thats what's important."

Just like Martin Luthor King who believed in racial equality and didn't care that many people hated him and what he believed in, it didn't stop him. And like Cole who no one believed he saw a spirit bear it didn't bother him because he knew that he saw one. Peter especially, didn't believe Cole saw a spirit bear and it didn't bother him, and once peter saw a spirit bear he thought differently bout Cole. So what other people believe in or think should change what you belie in or think.


I am Cole Mathews

I am mean and selfish

I wonder why my dad beats me

I hear the belt slap

I see the pale wall

I want to run away

I am Cole Mathews


I pretend I don’t need anyone

I feel lonely on the inside

I touch the cell wall

I worry what will happen to me

I cry out the pain from when dad last beat me

I am Cole Mathews


I understand what I did was wrong

I say I want to change

I dream that I will change

I try to change

I hope that I do change

I am Cole Mathews


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