Friendship and Determination

Nick S.


My theme was with hard work, determination, and good friends, anything is possible because I was determined to work hard and along with my good friends, we completed our task. After this event in my life, I've became more optimistic in risky situitations. This situation has changed how I act because i've realized that everyone deserves a good friend.


This event took place at the IATVHSS track in Carlisle, Iowa. This place is important to the theme because this is where we decorated the shed. We also wouldn't have been to decorate the shed if it hadn't been Josie's house, making this particular setting very important.

Secondary Setting

Another important place in this story is Josie's House. We did everything from brainstorm to eat at her house, making it an important place in the story. We used her PC system to create, and print off the flyers. We used pantry to fuel our brilliant young minds. We used almost every aspect off that house to our advantage.



The climax of the story is when the rest of the kids and adults return to help us finish the shed and open the doors to the public.

Media Link

Although this theme isn't common, the big ideas behind it are here are a few examples of these big ideas in the media.
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