Lizard Island

by: Bailey Lewis

Where and What is Lizard Island?

Lizard Island is an island located 150 miles north of Cairns and 57 miles north east off the coast from Cooktown. Lizard Island is a tropical paradise vacation spot home to luxurious resorts and private beaches. It is best known for its location on the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island is one of the 100 plus islands located on the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a 2,300 kilometer long ecosystem compromised of thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 600 types of hard and soft coral. It's home to countless species of colorful fish, mollusks, starfish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth and can even be seen from outer space.
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Lizard Island Resorts and Hotels

Lizard Island is home to many beautiful resorts and hotels, but is best known for its 5-star Lizard Island Resort. This all-inclusive resort is luxurious and costs about $1,699 per night. Each room overlooks the beautiful sandy beaches of Lizard Island. The resorts includes gourmet food, water sports, and a spa.

If you want to go the hotel route, Lizard Island is also home to a Lizard Island hotel. Nightly rates are about $1,227 per night and include three meals a day, drinks, and beautiful hotel rooms.

Lizard Island Activites

One of the Biggest Attractions of Lizard Island is diving in the world famous "Cod Hole." Cod Hole is home to beautiful tropical fish including the popular potato cod.

Snorkeling is also another large attraction. With its location on the Great Barrier Reef, you will get to see hundreds of beautiful unique sea creatures.

Another activity that will truly make you feel like you're in paradise is the champagne sunset cruises. This boat ride will take you through a dreamland paradise as you watch the sunset fall onto the ocean.

Travel Information and Passport Requirements

If you are coming from another country, you must be sure you have a valid passport or visa to enter.

Since Lizard Island is an island, you have to first fly to the city of Cairns, Austrailia. There you will take a small plane ride of about an hour to the private airport located on Lizard Island.

Lizard Island Health and Safety

Tropical areas are generally sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef from a lot of sharks, but the biggest thing to watch out for is jellyfish. The more dangerous jellyfish that are found usually during the summer months are called stingers. Boxes are laid out along the beach with first aid for any type of jellyfish sting.