5 Seconds A Day Doing THIS!

Helped Me To Go From 278 to 143 Pounds!

I have my life back and feeling great in a bikini!

My journey started when we got a retirement home in Florida and I felt like a jealous teenager…

After years of marriage and having kids, I never thought at nearly 60 I’d be worrying about my husband leaving me. But it was the best thing that could have happened!

My Mom once said:

“After having kids your body will never be the same”

She was trying to scare me off boys, but those words stuck with me for the next 50 years!

As soon as I had kids, there was my excuse why I struggled keeping the pounds off. I never blamed all the chocolate, soda and fried chicken I enjoyed daily.

And every time I tried:

✔️ Exercise

✔️ Cutting out sugar

✔️ Boiled eggs for breakfast

Only having healthy, whole ingredients

I saw the scale hardly move week after week, so I remembered what my mother had said and went back to eating meals I like.

I was going to be overweight forever.

After talking to a few doctors, I found out that I had high blood pressure and cholesterol. One doctor told me, "That's what happens when you get older."

I felt HOPELESS, so I finally told my friend Nancy from back home what was going on. After I cried my heart out, she told me about a "SIMPLE 5-SECOND DAILY ROUTINE."

This "TROPICAL LOOPHOLE" had to do with something in the body called AMPK, and a type of fat called "brown fat."

I had never heard of it, and to be honest, I didn't care what it was. I just wanted to know if it could help me!

  • My hunger went away all of a sudden.
  • I quit being obsessed with the scale. My clothes felt looser in just a few days.
  • ​I started eating my favorite foods without feeling bad.
  • ​I saw my belly go down until it was flat again.
  • ​I got a whole new wardrobe, except for a few faves from my 40s that I can wear again!

1. Worry for hours about diet and exercise...

2. or just do this Routine TWICE A DAY FOR 3 SECONDS at a time.

Of course I chose the second option, and now even though I'm in my 50s, I feel younger and healthier than ever.

And I want you to start making Your Own Amazing Changes, Too.