All my patients leave smiling

My names Brooke& I want be a Kids Dentist or a Pediatrician

Career Interest Survey

My career interest survey said that because of what I am interested in I would make a good teacher. I could be a pre-school teacher because I love children but i couldn't teach at a middle school or high school because i have a low tolerance for the drama that teenage kids have.

My Career Interest (Kids Dentist)

I want to be a Kids dentist because I enjoy working around kids and help little kids learn how to keep up with their personal hygiene.

My Career Interest (Pediatrician)

Or I want to be a Pediatrician because as you know i enjoy kids and because i love helping people, making someone feel better, and seeing all the different things and how different things work to help save a little ones life. I wanna watch the little kids grow.
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