The war of 1812

By:Brianna Tester


I will be telling you the sequence of events of the battle of 1812


France and Great Britain were at war and both wanted america at there side they threatened to take american ships and cargo


A group called war hawk's wanted war even though the president declared peace through the nations. They wanted war because the British were attacking there ships. In the end the president allowed war because the British wouldn't stop attacking.


when the United states tried to over power canada and failed they still came back with a victory of taking down a British war ship.


British attacked Washington D.C and because of the attack the leaders had to flee. Britain then attacked Baltimore but in that battle america won also during that battle our national anthem was made


The united states and great Britain created a peace treaty. It hadn't reached the port of new Orleans and that was great Britain's next target so they attacked.

1815 PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

In the end the 3 countries sighned a peace treaty Ghent. Everyone was at peace agian.