Accounting Services for Farmers

One Stop for all your accounting needs

Here are some of our Services

We help you every step of the way..

  • Short Term Business Plan
  • Loan Proposal
  • Business Owner Resumes
  • Cash Flow Projections for 3 years
  • Your Present Financial Statements

We offer Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Income & Expense Statements

Some advice for the farmer seeking to start:

  • Know who your market is (have a buyer for your crops)
  • Research the type of crop you are planning to grow and know everything there is to know about it
  • Visit farmers who grow the crops you choose and who are successful at it
  • Research the average selling price of the crop you choose over the past year
  • Choose your crop carefully

Advice when going for a loan:

  • Get your farmers permit before going for a loan, or while the loan is being processed
  • Make sure you get a list of everything that is needed by the bank, and have it ready and in your possession before you visit the loans officer
  • Call them prior to your visit to make sure that you have everything that they would need
  • Keep that list with you so that the bank officer cannot confuse you and waste your time with unnecessary returns to the bank.
  • Know your list and point out to them that you are in possession of EVERYTHING that they require, and you would not tolerate wasting time going back and forth.

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