HMS Upgrade

By: Mattey,Sophia,Alana,Olivia

More individual spaces

At HMS we focus on having kids in a comfortable and in an individual environment. We think that kids would work better in a more individual space like a cubicle or a smaller classroom with less students. Students will work better in small classrooms because then the teachers can pay more attention to the few students they have and help them when they need help. We predict that if students are more independent that when they grow up they will become better problem solvers and they won't always depend on someone else.

Ready to move up a class?

We think it would be terrific if students could move up in math for example if they felt it is too easy. So if you think you get 6th grade math then when your ready and the teacher thinks you have it down you can move to another harder class without having to do a whole year of a class you already know everything about. Also we think their should be more open classrooms. For example if someone was falling behind in ELA they could just go to their ELA teacher and work on what they need to work on to get their grade up or get them caught up in class.
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