By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Melinda is about to go to school with all the clicks.the only problem is that she doesn't have one. In fact she only has one freind at a time. She has called the cops on a party and now s hated by everyone. She can't get over her secret which she keeps inside she doesn't speak.

You should read this wonderful book becauseit is relatable to one's feelingsthis girl is deeply depressed she isnt friends with her best friend anymore she has even lost her group. Feelings of sorrow for this girl will climb and you will get sucked into the book. You should also read this book because you might want to understand your children. You might want to know how to do deal with children with these problems. Even want advice how to deal with stress and depression like this.

Don't be the last person to read this. New York Times says this is the best Book they have ever read.

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