Nonfiction Idea

Scott Stephens


not influenced by

personal feelings or

opinions in considering

and representing facts

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I really hope my teachers at South are objective.


based on or influenced

by personal feelings,

tastes, or opinions

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My teacher argues that she likes basketball better, but i argue that football is way better.


prejudice in favor of or

against one thing,

person, or group

compared with another.

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The football coach was bias when a girl tried out for the football team.

Credible/ Valid

believable/ having a

sound basis in logic or


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The constitution was very credible/valid when talking about laws.


argument or reasoning

put forward to oppose

an idea or theory

developed in another


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Madison was consulted by Washington, and they advised him not to sign the bill providing for the Bank, but Todd's counterargument was successful.


a mistaken belief, esp.

one based on unsound


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The extreme formalist is guilty of a fallacy of composition in regard to abstraction.