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Modern Manufacturing

In the past, Chicago has been considered the hub for manufacturing. However, the look of manufacturing has changed. In order to succeed in today's world of manufacturing, workers need skills that include technology usage. Bremen High School has several classes that introduce students to the new world of manufacturing and other occupations in the trade industry. The skills that are taught will prove to be a vital necessity in the workforce of the future.
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UI Labs Newsletter


The goal of our Digital Days program is to raise awareness of different careers in manufacturing and to encourage students to think about the field differently. Students had a chance to tour DMDII's manufacturing floor and learn about a range of different types of machines. Our team set up stimulating activities that students engaged in throughout their visit to enhance their knowledge on digital manufacturing in America today.
Are you an educational professional interested in bringing a group of students to participate in Digital Days? Contact us here.

The Participants.

We had a total of 15 students participate in the UI Labs field trip. Several of the participants were from our iTech program. Other students were chosen from our next year's industrial tech classes, including household repair and applied engineering. In addition, we have several chaperones, including Ms. Lois Godeau, a science teacher, Ms. Kelly Sala, one of the iTech sponsors and our Media Specialist, Dr. Anna Helwig, Dean of STEM at SSC and Renee Mack, Career Readiness Coordinator.

The staff at UI Labs were very impressed by the wide-range of classes that are offered in our district. They were equally impressed with the knowledge that our students displayed in all things technical. It was a great collaboration!

How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1 (WIRED)


The members of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) created this key chain for each student and chaperone participant.
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This is not your grandfather's manufacturing...
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The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership

Shelley Thomas and Jacob Carruthers, Business and Career Services

Isa Melon-White, Employment and Employer Services, Illinois Worknet

Ray Bentley, The Partnership

Philip (Tom) Tomich, South Suburban College

Greg Martinez, The Partnership

The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership

In October, members of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership came to Bremen to speak to counselors and administrators about the programs that may be beneficial to our students. One of the programs is the Illinois Worknet. Although the Illinois Worknet has several locations, Ms. Isa Melon-White represented the Oak Forest comprehensive center. In addition, Mr. Jacob Carruthers and Ms. Shelley Thomas represented the Business and Careers Services, Inc. Manufacturing Careers Internship Program, located in Robbins, Il. Both programs have already proven to be valuable resources for our students.
Introducing The Partnership

Manufacturing Careers Internship Program (MCIP)

Through the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, Bremen has had the opportunity to partner with a couple of programs under their umbrella. The Manufacturing Careers Internship Program (MCIP) is one such partnership. On May 2, Jacob Carruthers came out and met with some of our seniors that do not have solid post-secondary plans. In addition, Ms. Renee Mack presented other post-secondary options to these students. We look forward to working with Mr. Carruthers and his team next year.
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Universal Technical Institute and CIT Trucks

In February, students from the Bremen and Oak Forest auto mechanics class were able to visit the campus of UTI. In addition, students received a special bonus with a brief stop at CIT Trucks in Mokena. At both facilities, students were able to learn about careers in the STEM areas, including body shop work, driving trucks and how to apply and keep a job.