The Owl and the Blue Jay

Lydia Hansen

The Owl and the Blue Jay

One day, an Owl was surveying the woods on a tree branch when a cocky Blue jay flew over and sat down next to him. All blue jays are not very nice, and this one was no exception. The Blue jay looked the Owl in the eye and said, “This is my tree branch now. Get off.” The Owl, being wise and knowledgeable, did not move. Instead, he looked at the Blue jay and said,

“This is not your tree branch. It is the tree’s tree branch. Now, tell me, why would you want this branch in the first place?” the Owl questioned.

The Blue jay seemed confused for a second, and then answered, “Because my feathers are beautiful, and I should earn something for them. All the animals should know that I am beautiful.”

“Ah, my young friend,” the Owl said, “that is where you are wrong. You see, all the animals know me, and that is not because I am beautiful. I know how to catch a mouse in the dark. I know how to fly so silently I sound like a small breeze. I know many things, and that is better than being beautiful.”


Knowledge is better than beauty.