Robin Hood


Robin Hood

Dear Debbie,

I read a book.

The name of the book is Robin Hood.

The author is Ofarim.

The characters in the book are : Robin Hood,friar,sheriff,Little John.

The book is an adventure book.

The book is about Robin Hood's adventures.

The book is interesting.

I learnt new words from the story. Here they are:

  1. Fought - נלחם
  2. Noise - רעש
  3. Lost - נאבד
  4. Famous - מפורסם
  5. Carefully - בזהירות
  6. Ill - חולה
  7. Brave - אמיץ
  8. Friar - נזיר
  9. Sadly - עצוב
  10. Take off - לפשוט
  11. Wear - ללבוש
  12. Justice - צדק
  13. Describe - מתאר
  14. Afraid - מפחד
  15. Arrived - הגיע

Short Book describing

The main character in the book is Robin Hood.

The book is telling us a lot of interesting stories (adventures) about Robin Hood.

Robin Hood was brave fighter and always fought for poor people and follow the justice.

There is a place in the forest near the abbey (place where Robin Hood buried).There you can find these words:

Under this stone is Robin Hood.

Remember Robin and his men -

No braver man will come again.


Daniel Gilman , E2