A Little Bit Scary

by , Sumner baines

You may think that The Meaney is a little bit scary, but...

  • When its 4th of July fireworks come steaming out of his head and the crowd loves it.
  • In Winter he makes a nice warm fire and his family loves it.
  • if somebody is about ate he scares them away with his sharp claws

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Good Deeds

  • The kids say he is the best teacher at monsty university.
  • The kids also say he is the best reader in 4th grade.
  • He also saves animals who are hurt and gets them to be good as new.


  • He has 3 brothers his Mom says he behaves the best out of his 3 brothers .
  • He has a wonderful and grateful mom.
  • His dad cares about him and is a loveing dad.


  • His likes to play on the monstyland stars basketball team.
  • He also plays football for monster stars football team.
  • His loves the 39 monsters seris

Mr.Mean's Favorite Things