Illegal Immigrants

The Struggle


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Current Immigrants In Merica

In today's society there are over 12.5 million unauthorized immigrants already past the borders of the United States. It is not fair for people to come into this country and settle here if they are not going to take the proper step needed to become an actually citizen like the rest of us.

Immigrants Crossing The Border

There has been as many as 750,000 illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. per year by illegally crossing the border but the average number is around 500,000 per year. The average family pays $1,117 in taxes to support illegal immigrants per year. There were 134,372,678 people who submitted tax returns in 2005, so that means $150,094,281,300 was spent on supporting illegal immigrants who pay no federal taxes, only sales taxes.

The Solution

To solve the solution to the problem of illegal immigration, for starters, we need to increase the border security. We should double the size of the wall and increase the number of guards along the parts of the border where there is no fence so immigrants can not sneak past.
The High Cost of Illegal Immigration