Weekly Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who joined me this week for Parent Teacher Conferences! I am happy to hear that your children are enjoying PK 3 and I enjoyed sharing all the progress I've seen this year.This week we continued talking about different kind of domestic pets and wild animals. Your children are really enjoying this unit and all the new information and vocabulary that comes with it. If you see any wild or domestic animals this weekend feel free to send in a photo to share with the class!


Miss Camila

Creating a Habitat

How many pets will we find in our school tour?

Writing Center

Building our Names

Meeting our Classroom Pet


Important Information

On Friday May 6th we will be holding our Annual Art Show while joining hands with the Make a Wish Foundation. We will be selling our kids our works related to the theme "Five Senses" as well as holding a silent auction were you could buy a canvas made by each PK classroom. All donations will be given to one child from the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" to help them make their wish come true. We hope you can all join us!
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