Parts Of The Computer

Thursday 4th of October 2012

The Components/parts


stands for Central Processing Unit, which is basically the single chip that holds all the instructions of a computer programme. To make it simplular, it makes the initial operations of the computer.


stands for Random-Access Memory, this stores all of the computers data and information. Making it quick and easy to access the information on the computer.


stands for Hard-Disk drive. This contains fast rotating disks that able recording facilities and storing information on the computer. Fairly similar to a RAM but, in some ways, holds any other information that the RAM does not. You could say they work together.


A Network Interface Controller is the section of the computer that connects the actual computer to the computer networks that you find on a computer. This is what makes a computer wireless, if it isn’t wireless, then the computer uses cables. This is what makes this possible.


Network Interface Controller
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The motherboard parts of the computer

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