Video Production Companies -

5 Ideas to Help You Hire the Right Video Company

Video Production Companies - 5 Ideas to Help You Hire the Right Video Company

Video is the fastest growing advertising medium especially online and is no longer the exclusive domain of Fortune 500 companies. Increasingly, companies of most sizes are realizing that video is a very effective marketing tool when done right and are buying way their company can benefit from this trend. What holds many companies back is the fear of spending their marketing budget to hire a video production company and not getting the expected creative result and Return on Investment.Small Business Marketing

Exactly why is this so usually the case? Among the reasons is that numerous companies follow the exact same process of hiring an innovative company that they do when purchasing a real product. They get 3 different quotes from local video production companies and choose the absolute most appealing offer which can be normally the lowest priced one. The issue with this process is it is often extremely difficult to truly compare apples-to-apples in the creative services industry.

Listed here are 5 guidelines to making an educated decision when hiring a video production company.

1) Do they have specific experience in the kind of video (corporate video, sales video, training video, etc.) in their portfolio that you are wanting them to make? While this may sound basic it is easy to get trapped with a demonstration reel full of special effects and forget that at the end of your day your video must accomplish its intended purpose.

2) Did they take the time to ask you questions about your target audience and your company goals before discussing the specifics of one's project? You want to hire a video production company that is marketing oriented and understands how to offer your product or communicate your message.

3) Do they worry about the success of your project? Look for a production company that's integrity and builds long-term partnerships using their clients. These companies enjoy ongoing relationships with their clients. Ask for references and call them.

4) Did they provide a specialist proposal that clearly explains in sufficient detail everything you are investing in? Are they shooting in HD or SD? Could it be a 2 camera shoot or 3 camera shoot? How many days of shooting are involved? Are they including the full buyout for the actors and voiceover talent involved to avoiding additional costs down the road? They're all questions you ought to ask in order to know how each company reached the quoted price. This ensures that the video production company isn't cutting corners for them to come in at the best price when its not in your absolute best interest.

5) Did you obtain prompt and professional customer support? When you called the video production company what were your first impressions? Did they listen to your preferences and offer helpful recommendations? If they're difficult to keep in touch with during the beginning stages imagine how hard it will be when you're under great pressure to meet a deadline.

Following these guidelines when evaluating video production companies will boost your chances of success and ultimately enable you to identify the business best suited to your needs.