Why Early Intervention?

Early Intervention for Young Children With Autism

Benefits and Importance of Early Intervention for Young Childen With Autism

Who should be referred?
If a young child in your life is showing signs of delays in development with his use of language, interactions with others, or any other concerns talking with those who can help.

Who is can make a referral for early intervention services?
Parents, Family Members, Teachers, and Pediatricians can all make a referral for an assessment or for early intervention services.

Why is it important to make an early referral?
Young children are growing and changing rapidly. Language, play, and learning can be best addressed in the early years. Children who receive services at a younger age often show the most growth and improvement in their development.

How do you chose a program?
Once an assessment has been completed and need for services are determined, families will need to determine which program best fits their desires for the child. Not all programs and philosophies will work for every child or family. A program and level of service should be adjusted to each child's needs (amount and type of services and intensity), and include family involvement, access to typical peers, collaboration with other professionals, a curriculum that will address the child's unique needs, and a way of monitoring a child's progress.

Additional Resources

California Early Start

In California, the Department of Developmental Services has created a division entitled Early Start. The Early Start website can provide parents with additional resources on eligibility, services, referrals, providers, and cost.

For more information about how to get Early Start services call (800) 515-BABY or e-mail them at earlystart@dds.ca.gov.

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