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Thailand is a beautiful and free country. Thailand has many beautiful beaches, hotels, and views. Today, the majority of people live in rural areas. But, more than six million people live in Thailand's capital, Bangkok. In total, Thailand has 62.4 million people living a great life. Also, Thailand has a very fast developing economy. Thailand exports rubber, and teak wood. They are also leaders in exporting tin and gemstones. The majority of Thailand's ethnic group is Thai, and most everyone follows Buddhism too. Thailand is really a very amazing place.

Slogan - Thailand "Land of Smiles"

Geography/Climate of Thailand

Thailand has a warm, and tropical climate because of a monsoon, with a rainy season after that. After the rainy season, there is a dry season with temperatures up to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperatures are from March to May, and the lowest temperatures are from December to January. Thailand also has an interesting geography; Thailand has an area of 198,114 square miles of land. Thailand is in the center of Southeast Asia, and is about twice the size of Wyoming. Thailand borders Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, The Gulf of Thailand, and the Bay of Bengal. The Northern region of Thailand is hilly, and the Southern region is a narrow Isthmus with hills running down the center.

People and Culture

Much of Thailand's culture comes from the Thai people. One of the most important influences on Thai culture was the religion Buddhism. Hinduism has also been important to molding the Thai culture. Of Thailand's many people, about two-thirds are from Thai's ethnic groups. The remaining third of the population is made up of mainly Chinese people.

Even though the ethnic groups are different, they still have a lot in common. For example, there traditions, languages, and cultures only are only slightly different. That means that all-together, this leads to a population of strong shared religion and culture. Local food, dances, music, celebrations, and beliefs also play a big role in Thailand's culture.

Thailand's native people usually have dark brown eyes, and black or dark brown hair. Thai people also have fairly dark skin. Thai people are known for being friendly, courteous, and easygoing. Since Thai people are so friendly and kind, Thailand is also called "the land of smiles".

Thailand Time Line

10. 1896 - A British-French treaty guarantees independence for the new country.

9. 1932 - A revolution ends the absolute monarchy. The royal family is replaced by a representational government.

8. 1939 - Siam changes its name to Thailand.

7. 1941 - Japan invades Thailand in World War ll, forcing Thailand to fight with Japan.

6. 1944 - Thailand takes back a declaration of war against the U.S. and Britain. After war, it becomes an ally of the U.S.

5. 1946 - Thailand becomes the 55th member of the United Nations.

4. 1960s - 1970s - Thailand is involved in the conflict of Cambodia and Vietnam.

3. 1997 - A major stock market crash devastates Thailand's economy. Thailand's unit in money drops in value.

2. 2004 - A tsunami strikes Thailand and hundreds of thousands of people die.

1. 2008 - Thousands of protesters rally in Bangkok. Thailand declares a state emergency.

Government and Citizenship

People in Thailand have the right to vote at age at 18. But, ages as low as 16 do exist. Women are allowed to vote, but in some areas they are still not considered as equal as men. Also, there is beginning to be more justice in Thailand. The new elected leader, Yingluck Shinawatra is the first female prime minister. Her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, cause people to still remain split, still. Her brother caused a lot of chaos, and Yingluck still has to stay on top of the violence.

Thailand's education is separated into three groups. Level one is the first three years of school. But, level one is optional. Kids go from ages three to five. Level two, or elementary school, kids go from six to eleven years old. Level three, or secondary school, people go from ages twelve to eighteen years old. At the end of the year, students have to take a test to move onto the next grade. If they do not pass the test, then they have to redo the year over again. Or, if they do not pass, they also have the option of going to summer school and taking the test again once summer is over.


Thailand has a very fast developing economy. Thailand has a mixed economy. Meaning, that there are both private, and public businesses. Thailand is also a leader in exporting tin, and gemstones. Rice is the leading crop, followed by rubber, teakwood, corn, sugarcane, coconuts, and then soybeans. Fish provide the most protein, and other deep sea catches are also exported.

Thailand imports things such as raw materials, fuels, and many other types of goods as you can see below. Thailand import value is slightly higher than export value. Thailand's main import trade partners are Japan, China, Malaysia, and the U.S. Thailand has a very strong economy.


  • Raw materials
  • Capital goods
  • Intermediate goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Fuels


  • Fishery products
  • Rice
  • Rubber
  • Tin
  • Jewelry
  • Teakwood
  • Corn
  • Sugarcane

Company List


Annie's company should invest in Thailand's abundant goods because, Thailand's goods are natural. The Annie's company is a natural food company, so this would benefit their supply of good food. Annie's should also invest because, it can provide them with more ideas for their product. It would help Thailand because, they would sell more food, and making money would help their economy.

Native American Jewelry Trading Company

The Native American Jewelry company should invest in Thailand's jewelry because, the American Jewelry company does many different designs. Thailand has many different designs too, so they could share ideas and make even better jewelry. Thailand could benefit because, cool jewelry could bring tourists. Also, Thailand could make more business with other countries after they see how good there jewelry is.

Browne Trading Company

The Browne Trading company should trade with Thailand because, Thailand has good and exotic sea creatures. The Browne company is a seafood company, so, it would work out if Thailand and the Browne company traded. Thailand would benefit because, if there is an over - population of any type of sea creature, Thailand could sell them and try and get their sea creature population back to normal. The Browne company would benefit a lot with Thailand's exotic sea creatures.

Giesswein Company

The Giesswein company should invest in Thailand's raw materials because, it is a worldwide company that deals with raw materials. It would benefit Giesswein because, Thailand's raw materials would make it an even bigger company than it already is, since it is a worldwide company. It would benefit Thailand because, Giesswein would make Thailand's raw materials more known over the world. It would also help Thailand because, Giesswein is a big company that many other countries trade with. Giesswein would help Thailand and itself if it traded with Thailand.

Black Lion Trading Company

The Black Lion trading company should invest in Thailand's gemstones because, Thailand is a world leader in exporting Gemstones. It would benefit The Black Lion because, The Black Lion trades with gemstones. Also, The Black Lion could make more things with the gemstones (Jewelry, carvings out of gemstones, etc). It would benefit Thailand because, Thailand has so many gemstones, and they could get rid of some of them.

Thailand's National Anthem

Thai National Anthem - "Phleng Chat Thai" (TH/EN)

Fun Facts

  • Thailand's name means "land of the free"
  • Thailand is home to the worlds largest Buddha
  • Thailand set the record for longest line of washed plates on May, 2010 (was then beaten by India afterwards)
  • Thailand is the worlds 51st largest country
  • One tenth of all animal species on earth live in Thailand
  • Siamese cats are native to Thailand
  • Bangkok is one of Asia's top tourist destinations
  • Thailand is the worlds largest producer of tin
  • The largest living lizard is native to Thailand
  • The garuda (creature from the Hindu religion) is a national and royal symbol of Thailand