The Fight That Never Ends

Lyla Rains Vivian

We are all fighting something. We all have our own battles that we have to over come. Wether your afraid of something, or can't let go of the past. All of our fears are different. Some are stronger than others. My father, Stephan Vivian, is by far one of the strongest people I know. He had to battle the struggle of losing his father, and his sick mom. Yes we are all fighting. Yes, we are all struggling. But we all have someone to help us with the pain. Listen as my dad speaks about coping with his dad's death, and his mom's cancer.

Missing What I Never Had

Dear Grandpa Jack,

I miss you, even though I didn't meet you before you passed away. I wish I would have, because the way my father talks about you is amazing. He makes you seem like you were a breath taking person. And I'm sure you were. You are the person who gave him most of his strength. Without you, he wouldn't be the amazing father and person he is today. So thank you. For shaping him to become a great man. I'll see you in the future.



Lyrics To A Life

"Confusion never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks
Gonna come back and take you home
I could not stop that you now know, singing"

These are the song lyrics to a song called Clocks by Coldplay. Music is a huge part of my fathers life, but this song describes something. Right now he is currently struggling to cope with his mom being very sick. As it says in the lyrics, the confusion never stops. Every time he turns a corner another problem occurs. In the lyrics, its as if he's telling his mom he's going to take her home. Trying to think of the best. Trying to tell her everything going to be okay.

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My hero

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This website is dedicated to my father Stephan Vivian. He has helped me in so many ways today. In no way shape or form, could I ever ask for a better father. He's been there for me through everything. Thank you dad.
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