Virtual Field Trip

I can explain the symbols of our nation.

Welcome to our virtual field trip! Have fun on your tours today!

The goal of today is to learn more about some of our National symbols.

You can work through the tours at your own speed and in what ever order you would like. Be sure to answer the questions on your note pages as you go because we are going to use this information later. When you finish a tour, grab a sticky note and write ONE THING you learned and add it to our classroom poster.

The White House

Begin this interesting tour by clicking on the link below titled "Whitehouse Grounds View l The White House". Then click to "Continue to Tour". At this point, you will have a choice in how to tour. You can either click on the red boxes with the arrows or you can scroll to the bottom of the White House map. Where it says "Explore the White House", you may explore many levels by clicking on the arrow. Enjoy learning about the White House by reading the facts, looking at the images, and watching the videos.

The Statue of Liberty

Begin this exciting tour by clicking on the link below which says "Virtual Tour - Statue of Liberty National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)". Then, click on the hyperlink in brown text underlined that says "High Speed". If you would like to hear the introduction, turn up your speakers in the right bottom corner of you Chromebook. If you would like to skip the introduction, you can do this by putting your cursor on the arrow near the bottom left of your screen. You will see a bar that appears which says "Skip Introduction". Click on this. You navigate this tour by the arrow. Don't forget to scroll down with the scroll bar to read all the good information before you move on with your tour. With each slide, look for an image next to the slide number in the middle of the screen. Some screens will have a camera. Some will have a i. Some have the outline of a park rangers head with a hat. If you hover over this with your cursor, you can see more images, videos, and maps. Take your time and enjoy learning about the Statue of Liberty.

Ellis Island

Begin this interactive tour by clicking on the "Welcome to Immigration" link below. This tour is divided into ten stops. The first stop is titled "The Passage". The story to this is on the first file folder. Click on the additional file folder tabs to see additional photos, videos, and audio. When you are ready to move to the next stop, click on the arrow next to the word "next" in the upper right side of your screen. Get into character and imagine yourself as an immigrant coming to America.

Thank you for joining us for on our virtual field trip!