Staff Weekly

Published March 8, 2020

Spring Photo Day is Thursday. We'll call the kids down.

Goody Table Signups

We're having a 4-Day Goody Table Week THIS WEEK. Sign up here.

20-21 Calendar Vote is Monday During Circle

Writing Revolution May 27 Training

Click here to sign up for flex PD in May.

Living Calendar

6th Grade Orientation--March 24

9:00-9:30: 5th graders arrive

9:30: Kickoff in gym with band and choir

10:00-11:00: Rotations including full building tours

11:00: 5th graders depart


Vertical Planning Days

Monday, March 23: ELA Team

Tuesday, March 24: Sped Team

Wednesday, March 25: Math Team

Thursday, March 26: Science Team

Friday, March 27: Social Studies Team

What are we doing?

1. Completing final units.

2. Revising previous units.

3. Creating common assessments.

4. Looking at placement decisions for 20.21

5. Visiting classrooms a-la PINEAPPLE CHART!!

UA...I need to know if you need a common planning session.

Upcoming Deadlines

March 18th: Grades in IC, Work Skills scores entered in Google Doc.

March 19th: Placement exams taken by all student hoping to take advanced ELA or math next year.

May 1st: Summer assignments submitted to Bowles (reading, math, writing)

This Week's Observation Schedule

Monday: McDonald Post, Davis Post, Skidmore Formative

Wednesday: Maley Post

Thursday: Fay Post

If you think you are missing from above, just give me a shout.

This Week's Meetings and Stuff

Monday: Faculty Circle in Frey's room (calendar vote and SEL preview), American Fidelity Makeup Day

Tuesday: Bowles and Kegley at Principal's Meeting and Cluster Meeting

Wednesday: Biometric Screening in AM, Band Assessment in PM, Detwiler visiting classes, Weekly Custodial Meeting, PLCS TODAY ONLY

Thursday: Spring Photo Day (we will call kids), Advanced ELA Placement exam during 7th and 8th, St. Patricks Day Staff Party, PLCS CANCELLED TODAY

Friday: No school, no school, no school, no school.

Admin team checks in daily from 2:45-3pm to catch up on the day.

Faculty Meetings (Circles and Vertical)

Circles occur every Monday at 2:45-3:00.

No March meeting full-hour meeting.

April: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is scheduling/room assignments (April 16)--SBDM staff vote on this day as well

May: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times--purpose is evaluating our goals for the year, making new goals for next year including a method of charting our progress

2020 Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, 7)


March 11: Fine-tuning SBG

March 17: Behavior PLC


April 1: Behavior PLC

April 2, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 30: Hold for final unit planning, unit adjustment, proficiency scale adjustment, common assessment creation


Hold for anything K-Prep or end of year related and ATMs