The Roman Times

Your News for the Roman Empire 11/19/14

Augustus: Our Greatest Emperor

Our great emperor Augustus has passed and we must pay tribute to his great accomplishments. He became our emperor in the year 27 B.C. after the bloody civil war following the death of Julius Caesar. Despite being emperor he lived a remarkably simple life and despite having enormous wealth and power had the image of a hardworking father figure. In addition to being a hardworking man he made life better for the Roman people. He restored 82 of our temples to their former glory and built new statues, theatres, and a forum. He used to say "I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble" and that he did. He established a police force and fire department to help protect us from fires and keep the criminals in check. He also helped improve our communication by building new roads which also improve travel. He truly was a great emperor and a great person. We will always remember him.

-Julius Suozzi

The Colosseum

Recently built in 80 A.D. the Colosseum offers entertainment to all citizens of Rome. It was built on the site of the man made lake that emperor Nero built for himself. If its boiling hot the retractable roof will close providing shade for all spectators. There are many events at the Colosseum. There are animal fights, gladiator fights, and the grand finale sea battles. They flood the stadium to create a shallow lake in which ships are brought in to create epic sea battles. The Colosseum is a marvel in engineering and offers entertainment to the Roman people.