Ivan IV

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan IV

Born on August 25, 1530, Ivan IV was born to Vasily III and Yelena Glinskaya. Later to be pronounced the king of Moscow, in 1547 at the age of sixteen he was finally crowned Czar of all of Russia. Being the first ruler to officially hold the title.While modernizing and centralizing the country by revising the law code and creating a standing army, soon Ivans' life took a dramatic turn. In 1533 he had a fatal illness and a couple of years after that his beloved wife Anastasia had died from what he believed was poising from the nobles to later over throw him from the thrown. Leading into the killings of the hereditary nobility. In the winter of 1564 Ivan had left and it was thought he wasn't going to come back creating a great wave of panic through the population. Many talks later he agreed to return but only under his own conditions which was to have absolute power and to punish anybody he believed was disloyal. After many years of a downward spiral, Ivan had died on March 18, 1584.


Ivan's great accomplishments

Building Russia

One of the many great accomplishments of Ivan was the way he built Russia little by little. With some winning conquests and some failing conquest Ivan took Russia from a small state to a empire. Managing to stretch over Siberia, and the Eastern steppes. He started by creating the Kremlin, which is where he lived and also where all the officials would meet and hold meetings.Then he built the St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, the cathedral was built to commemorate all of his victories in battle.




The impact Ivan made then and now

Ivan the terrible had made many influential impacts during his era and now in our era.

He influenced anybody who would come to visit Russia by the western ways of life.

Also leaving Russia as a empire leaving the tradition of absolute rule which is still carried out today, but known as absolute monarchy. Along with absolute monarchy he left bureaucracy which is also still carried out today, playing a major role in today's


Ivan the Terrible Biography

5 interesting facts

He became grand prince of Moscow at the age of three.

ivan was lonely and mostly neglected by his family.

his first rival was executed at the age of 13.

Even though many thought he was evil, he was actually very devout christian.

His family was something that you would see in the Dosoyevsky novel.