5 Ways Fermented Foods Are Healthy

A Summary and Critique, by Timothy Thomas

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Article Summary

The original article was written by Tanya Zuckerbrot, published by FoxNews.com, on 03/29/16.

Fermented foods are foods that are exposed to certain kinds of bacteria which will lead to a breakdown of carbohydrates and will develop beneficial microorganisms into the food. These fermented foods can help to support a healthy body. After the fermentation process, foods can contain large amounts of friendly bacteria otherwise known as probiotics which function to maintain proper bacteria balances in the gut. Foods such as yogurt, Greek or regular, are an easily accessible source of this. Fermented foods can also reduce low-grade inflammation in the body, which can help to maintain a healthy weight. Improved digestion is also a result of fermented foods as thee healthy bacteria help to produce enzymes that will break down the foods. Another healthy benefit is that the immune system can be boosted, as health promoting probiotics can help to preserve a healthy mucosal lining in the digestive tract that can serve as a physical barrier to harmful substances. Detoxification is also a benefit of eating fermented foods as probiotics possess the ability to degrade toxins and remove them from the body.

Article Critique

From immediately reading the article, I did not doubt the author’s credibility and I continued to trust her as I read Ms. Zuckerbrot’s credentials. Tanya Zuckerbrot is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Science and she is an author of two bestselling diet books. She has worked in private practice for over 15 years. As a Registered Dietitian, not only did Ms. Zuckerbrot focus her education on such topics of nutrition, but it is highly likely that she has seen many relatable patient cases in her time as a private practice dietitian, therefore providing her with a lot of experience. The article is well-written, in which she is thorough in the benefits that fermented foods while maintaining a neatness of organization. She is able to explain metabolic processes that occur in the body for those who may not understand the body. She even is specific on what kind of yogurt portion she recommends. Nothing in the article is believed to be misleading, as it is simply presented in a listed manner. I would argue that the article is sponsored by Ms. Zuckerbrot’s private nutrition counseling service, the FFactor.com. Another factor to add to the credibility of the article is the publication from a major media outlet such as Fox News. It is not clearly stated if the findings displayed in the article are evidence based, but more information on such a topic could be found on other credible websites that have articles published by professionals such as Mercola.com or EatingWell.
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