Beebe PI Newsletter

December 8, 2015

Who are the DREAMERS? 5th Graders Want to Know!

The Dreamers are people who have changed the world in some way. They've followed their dream and persisted with the courage to do something daring. This group includes people from Confucius to Magellen, Anne Frank to Rachel Carson, Leonardo da Vinci to Beethoven, Gandhi to Shakespeare, Einstein to Earhart.

Fifth graders are studying these role models to find out about this group of influential people. They've made documentaries about the dreamers and analyzed what these people did to become dreamers. Our student-produced documentaries are now available for your viewing on our Canvas site. Take a look - click on Projects.

Next, the fifth graders determined what is the most important characteristic that these dreamers share. They looked for examples in the dreamers' lives to prove their idea. These analyses are posted on our Canvas site as interactive posters. Be impressed. This is very good work! (These are also in "Projects")

The next part of this project was reading about Malala and writing an opinion piece to persuade that Malala should or should not be considered a dreamer as well.

Watch for the rubrics for these to come home this week.

These students worked very hard on this project and met targets relating to finding text evidence, integrating knowledge, and comparing traits. This project has these kids engaged in learning about important figures in history and asking the questions about what they have in common. They've learned so much more than just reading a biography and making a list of facts about their lives.

Myths and Legends in 4th Grade PI

Which mythical creatures have the most power? Are they good or evil? These are the questions that the fourth graders are asking as they study mythology in different cultures around the world.

I know some fourth graders have background knowledge of mythology from their reading of Rick Riordan's books. Riordan has introduced students to many myths and legends in his novels.

Fourth graders study mythology as part of the study of fantasy. They chose a type of mythology to study and read a short book about that. As they studied mythology, they learned about the myths of the creation of the world and what happens in the afterlife. They found interesting facts about the gods and goddesses, legends, and special powers.

The next part of this unit was to compare different kinds of mythology, looking for similarities and differences. Students created Venn Diagrams with a partner and then wrote paragraphs comparing and contrasting two types of mythology,

This week 4th graders began a project to create a mythical figure. They are drawing these creatures and then writing a script to describe its traits and powers. Hopefully these videos will be posted on Canvas soon. Ask your student about this project - they are having a wonderful time creating a creature!

The study of mythology includes the target of finding text evidence and comparing and contrasting character and traits. They are working hard to accomplish these goals.

Happy Holidays

I hope you and your family enjoy the winter break. Take time to read with your kids - you will all benefit!