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What is LDL and HDl

LDL is Low-Density lipoprotein, LDL carries cholesterol, to different tissues in the body. LDL has more lipids than protein, larger than HDL.

HDL- High- Density Lipoprotein, HDL, takes all your extra cholesterol floating around, in your blood stream back to the liver. HDL has a low number of lipids and a high number of protein. (American Heart Association)

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Why do doctors monitor the concentrations of LDL and HDL in patients blood?

Doctors monitor your LDL and HDL because, their level of HDL and LDL tell how healthy a person is. Another factor is to see if you are at risk od cardiovascular disease. To much LDL can cause blockage in the arteries, this can cause heart attacks and strokes. They make sure you have enough HDL in your blood, to stay healthy. (Kirstin Hendrickson)
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What are other molecules in a patients blood are monitored along with LDL and HDL?

Other molecules that are monitored include:


Triglycerides- a type of fat

RBC- red blood cells

WBC- white blood cells

(Web MD)

What can paitient do to lower HDL and LDL levels in their blood?

Eating a healthier diet, and exercising more. Maintaining a healthy weight. To lower avoid eating saturated fats, trans fats and dietary cholesterol. (American Heart Association)


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