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The top of my bucket list, is to set foot on all the continents in the world with my beloved family. Around 300 million years ago, all the continents were together and through many years of tectonic plates drifting, we have the seven continents that we know now. What a joy it would to try as well as physically set foot in each different continent as well as learn different cultures while traveling. As well as traveling and seeing each continent I would see different types of weathing.
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floating in the dead would be a dream come true, I would also go with my wife and kids because it would be a great experience for my children to do that. The Dead sea is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, the Dead sea causes physical wheathering because of the water.
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The third thing I wanna do before I pass it to go sand skiing, again I would go with my wife and kids when I am older. I would go sand skiing in the Sahara desert with all the sand dunes, are really a perfect location. With all that sand that takes place there, physical weathering happened to cause all those big rocks to turn into sand.
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Climbing a mountain has always been a dream, for example: the Rocky Mountain National Park. To company on my trip would be my older brothers, they would help me train to get in shape to do a task like climbing a mountain. to make a mountain a mountain, physical weathering happened for example: wind.
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I always enjoy being on the beach, but if I had to go to one specific beach it would be the black sand beach in Punaluu Hawaii. I would go with my siblings and my parents, it has been a summer goal to visit Punaluu black sand beach just because how beatiful it is. To cause the black sand physical weathering happened to break down the rock to sand and also with the waves right next door to it.