The Great Depression

The Tragic Event That All Started With A Crash

How it all Started

The Causes

The stock market crash of October 29th, 1929 caused stocks to become extremely low and masses of people tried to sell stocks but no one was buying. The Dust Bowl was a large drought that caused a massive dust storm that wiped out all crops. This caused farmers to not be able to feed themselves let alone others.

Effect on Families

The Great Depression didn't effect everyone the same way. Richer people felt little to no effect while poorer people got the worst of it. Science unemployment rates were so high more families had trouble providing food and shelter to themselves and their children. Houses were taken from people who missed payments and poverty rates and homeless people became very high. Children were forced into orphanages for lack of care.

Pictures Of The Tragedy

Effect on Buissness's

When the stock market crashed it an all time low many business's lost a lot of money. Banks had invested large amounts of their clients money into the stock market and had to close down after only returning a few people's money to them. This caused many people to become bankrupt. Business's lost a lot of money from the banks also and had to begin cutting people off from jobs making the unemployment rate up to 25% and never lower than 14.5%.


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