LEGO Star Wars Rebels Co-Pack


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Ages 9-12

Developmental Description

The Lego Star Wars Rebels Co-Pack is great for building and creating space crafts or any type of machine from Star Wars with their friends and parents. This is great for interacting with one another, helping them better their social skills, this can build a better bond and or relationship with your love ones.

The Lego Star Wars Rebels Co-Pack helps also to improve your attention span and along with broadening your mind with various ways to create a specific shape or machine, this is also helpful with using their imagination and cognitive skills.

Product Description

SUPER PACK 2 IN 1! The STAR WARS Rebels Super Pack contains both LEGO STAR WARS The Phantom 75048 and LEGO STAR WARS The Ghost 75053.
Join the Rebel resistance against the evil Empire in The Phantom attack shuttle, as seen in the exciting Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! After a successful mission, dock The Phantom safely on 75053 The Ghost starship. Includes an Ezra Bridger minifigure with a weapon and accessory, plus a C1-10P figure.

Get ready to battle the Empire with the Rebel heroes' awesome starship - The Ghost - as seen in the thrilling Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Stay on course with Rebel minifigures in the two cockpits and put Zeb on patrol in the 360-degree rotating weapon turret. Land 75048 The Phantom starship in the docking area at the rear.