Arizona is vary cool cause it is interesting. you will learn about the state faces, resources,landforms and fun places to visit. you will love the Arizona's heat

state facts

Arizona has A bunch of cool facts such as A state animal,A state flower and A lot of sport teams.This state has A beautiful state animal it is the ring tail it is located in the woods and it is warm blooded .Now Lets talk About the state is called the Saguaro.It blooms best in the spring. finale the sport teams. their are 3 sport teams the suns the dimindbaks and the cornenls that is my store.


Arizona has mane resources such as copper and gold and the state gem. copper is a nacelle resource. You can find it best in the grand canyon and it is used for wires. their are stacks of gold in Arizona. you can find most of the gold in the grand canyon. the state gem is called the turquoise. it is the coolest gem i ever sen that is my you like my store.
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land forms

Arizona has many cool facts. It is located in the south west. A big land form is the grand canyon. you may think that it is only hot in Arizona bot did you no in the mountains it snows. did you no the biggest mountain is mount lemon. do you like my store.
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Arizona has bunch of fun places to visit. One of the fun places to go is the Grand Canyon. Did you no the Grand Canyon is the biggest canyon in the earth. It is beautiful wen you see it in person. Another pleas to visit is mount lemon. Did you no it snows on top of Mount Lemon.A cool thing is that it has terrific food. Make sure you visit these places you will love the places.
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Arizona is a grate place. you leaned about state faces, resources, landforms and fun places to visit. did you lean something.