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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break. We are in the final stretch of our year together.
  • Next week we will be having our first ever Tech Fest at Castlio. This event is on March 31starting at 6:00 in the evening. We are an era or technology and our kiddos probably know more about how to operate technology than some of us. The presentations this evening are done by the students of Castlio as well as staff members. I am looking forward to seeing all the presentations that the students put together and I hope you are able to join us!

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: suffix -ly

Reading: We will start our unit on Historical fiction. This is one of my favorite units. We will look at text and be able to pull out facts and fiction based on our learning of historical events. We will be learning about Immigration and Ellis Island, The Great Chicago Fire, and The Orphan Train. We will be learning how to take notes from articles we read, ask questions to gain more knowledge, and describe how characters respond to major events.

Writing: While we are learning about historical fiction, we will be creating our own historical fiction writing piece. This we will be working on identifying historical fiction pieces as well as writing notes based on information we are learning. Throughout this writing piece we will learn how to add a variety of adjectives as well as adverbs in our writing. The students will have 3 topics to choose from for their writing piece. From there they will be able to create a story that is made up but has historical facts written in the writing. This is an interesting writing piece and I am excited to see what we can come up with!

Math: We will continue with our geometry unit. This unit will come to a close this week and we will have a test on Friday. In finishing this unit we will do a review when we come back and then learn about creating unique equal parts of different shapes. The next topic we will cover will be money.

Vocabulary: history, factual, immigrant, and racism

Phonics List

Derivational Suffix -ly

fairly, jointly, firmly, plainly, kindly, softly, weekly, highly, quickly, calmly, mostly, nearly, slowly, gladly, mainly, smartly

When adding the derivational suffix -ly to a word, the word becomes an adverb (calm-calmly; slow-slowly)

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Mark your Calendar

March 31: Tech Fest

April 2: Spring Party

April 3: No School

April 30: Second Grade Musical