Fusion Friday

September 19, 2014


A BIG thank you to the Fusion teachers that graciously accepted the opportunity for Mike and Irma to visit their classrooms this week. I know this was a lot to ask, so soon in our learning process, but everyone rose to the challenge and did an outstanding job! Kudos to: Kelly Jozwiakowski, Ashley Park; Nikki Copeland, McClintock; and Julie Sproul, at AG Middle.

Barbara Turkdamar
, at Northeast also participated in a video coaching session with Sue Woodruff. Barbara shared a video of a recent Thinking Reading portion of her Fusion class to Sue and they meet at Northeast for a discussion. Together they developed a set of next steps for instruction that Barbara chose herself. This process was facilitated by Sue, but as an observer, I can say that Barbara was in charge in directing her own next steps for her teaching practices. Although it is naturally awkward to watch yourself in a video, I think I can speak for Barbara in saying that this process was beneficial and nonthreatening. I will be taking short videos when visiting classrooms in the future and uploading into Google for each of you. I am looking to hear from the first volunteers!!

Malcolm Mitchell Book Club Story

This video is a great example for our Fusion students to show the importance and benefits of working hard to become a better reader.
Star football player steps out of his comfort zone

A Little Trivia

Question: What was Kevin's disease in 'Freak The Mighty'?

Answer: It's called Morquio Syndrome, and is a relatively rare form of dwarfism with serious medical consequences. If you need more information about Morquio Syndrome, check it out on www.drkoop.com or try typing it into a search engine.

Find out more information from the author, Rodman Philbrick at: