13 Reasons Why

Angelo Kozanski

Brief Summary

The book is about a girl name Hanna who commits suicide but before she does, she creates and passes on tapes to explain why she killed herself.

List of Characters

  • Clay Jensen - main character
  • Hanna Baker - suicidle character
  • Justin Foley - Hanna's 1st kiss
  • Alex Standall - put Hanna on a who's hot list
  • Jessica Davis - was brutally raped
  • Tyler Down - was known as a peeping tom
  • Courtney Crimson - pretended to like Hanna and is known as the popular girl
  • Marcus Cooley - doesn't feel that he did anything wrong
  • Zach Dempsey - tries to comfort Hanna but when rejected, he steals all of Hanna's notes
  • Ryan Shaver - a poet who steals Hanna's poem and published it throughout the entire school
  • Jenny Kurtz - a cheerleader who ran over a stop sign and caused an accident later on
  • Bryce Walker - pervert, rapist, took advantage of Hanna
  • Mr. Porter - Hanna came to him when she had no hope left and didn't see what she was trying to tell him
  • Tony

Character Analysis for Clay Jensen

Trait 1: Nice

Evidence: There are only good rumors about him.

Trait 2: Shy

Evidence: Too afraid to talk to Hanna Baker.

Quote from or about character:

"I'm sorry"

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Be nice to everyone because you don't know their background story

Important Event

Hanna goes to Mr.Porter for help and she doesn't get want she hoped for and loses all her hope.
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i recommend anyone interested about a teenager life and drama to read this book.