Informative Newsletter

By Gianna Dicristofano

Description: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a very well known woman who has a lot of investments. She has had many triumphs in her life and one is specifically her TV show. "The Oprah Winfrey Show" was a big hit and had about 48 million viewers! She impacted many peoples lives with her show and had brought upon many important events that helped people when they were talked about. She makes about $864,000 a day and some of the money is from her TV show. This show helped Oprah become more heard by others and she was able to help many people from it!

Compare and Contrast: Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln ↓

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Chronological/Sequence: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a very famous soccer player that has a lot of fans. Lionel Messi's childhood wasn't always easy because when he was a child he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. This is an adversity that took many steps for Messi to be able to recover. One of the steps was that Messi and his parents needed to find a treatment to help him grow properly and recover. Once they found a treatment they needed to have enough money for it which they didn't have at the time. The way they got enough money was they moved to Barcelona for Messi to join a soccer club that would help pay for his treatment. Once he was able to start the treatment, every night Messi would have to stick a needle into his leg so that he could get the hormones he needed to grow properly inside of his body. Messi had to do this every single day for 3 years. He had to deal with being smaller than all the other kids because he wasn't growing properly but that was only until the treatment started to work and he started to grow normally! This illness and all the steps it took him to recover never stopped Messi and because he didn't give up he is the great soccer player he is today!

Problem/Solution: Andes Mountains Plane Crash ↓

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Cause/Effect: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is a very important woman in US history. She was once on the city bus when she was asked to move to a different seat so that a white man could sit in her seat since it was closer to the front of the bus. She mustered up the courage and said no and refused to move from her seat. Because of this action many things happened to Rosa Parks and her community. For one thing she got arrested which wasn't a good effect of her action but it was something that happened to her. That lead to her getting bailed out of jail from her husband which was a good thing because she could now go back home being free. Then because this had spread around people knew about it and wanted to take action. African American leaders called a boycott of all city buses. This meant that a ton of African Americans were not using the city bus to show what they did to Rosa Parks was wrong. This lead to the bus company starting to loose a lot of money because a lot of their customers that would pay to go on the bus were African Americans and a lot of them were not going on the bus anymore. Eventually after about a year the supreme court ruled that Montgomery's segregation laws are unconstitutional which meant that the laws used for the buses were no longer laws because they weren't on the constitution. Over all the adversity that Rosa Parks faced impacted her life and the lives of others in a big way.

My Personal Definition of Perseverance

My personal definition of perseverance is to keep going no matter how hard life or your adversity gets. It means that even though you are struggling you continue to push through and believe that it will get better. You keep holding on to reach your end goal because you know in the end all your hard times and work will be worth it.

Lessons Learned From Perseverance (Conclusion)

I have learned that persevering is the right option instead of giving up because when you persevere it ends up paying off in the end and you know that you did something good for yourself. For example Lionel Messi had to keep going and persevering while he was suffering from an illness and now he is one of the most famous soccer players. Because he didn't give up he is where he is today. It is the same for the wrestlers who didn't have legs. They didn't let it stop them and they kept going so they were able to go up against other very good wrestlers. I've learned that perseverance may be hard but if you just believe you can do it and you try it can happen and change your life for the better.