MA Fame

(Middle Ages Famous People)

William Conqueror

(1027-1087) Born in - Falaise, France

He was known as...

  • "William The Bastard" (because his parents were not married)
  • tempered
  • victorious
  • ruthless


  • Battle of Hastings


  • Became Duke of Normandy at age 7
  • Married Matilda of Flanders
  • Had 6 daughters and 4 sons

Quote: (William to Harold) "That be my crown! If you do not give it back, I shall cut you down to size!"


  • William came from Viking origin
  • Matilda, his wife, didn't want to marry him. It is said he tackled her in the street by pulling her off her horse by her braids, then she married him.
  • He worried about his weight!
  • His body exploded at his funeral!
He's important because...?
  • King of England for 21 years
  • Controlled England through the feudal system, the motte and bailey and terror.
What's the big deal?
  • He was fair. Although not a good man, a good king he was.
Most significant achievement?
  • Domesday Book, His attempt to dominate Medieval England

King John

(1167-1216) Born in Oxford

He was known as...

  • John Lackland (because his dad left him no land after his death)
  • a disaster (Not the best ruler in town...)
  • John took over England for his brother, Richard, and wasn't the best ruler. He was sent home within 6 months.
  • When he became king, he was turned against because he was claimed responsible for his nephew's murder.
  • Lost a battle to the French (England lost many possessions)
  • Forced to sign the Magna Carta
  • Married Avisa, daughter of William Fitz Robert
  • Then married Isabelle of Angouleme
Quote: "At the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity."


  • Not even the Pope trusted John
  • He lost all his treasure because he tried crossing a stretch of water. Water 1 - John 0
  • He died after eating peaches...
He's important because...?
  • he's a controversial king.
  • he's the reason we know how to set a certain foundation for our rulers, boss, high ranked people, etc.
What's the big deal?
  • King John is one of the reasons why society today has a certain standard for people to be something in a higher level.
Most significant achievement?
  • He succeeded the throne of England

Joan of Arc

(1412-1431) Born in the Village of Domremy in northeastern France

She was known as...

  • The Maid of Orleans
  • a schizophrenic (because she heard voices and had visions from God)
  • a violent young peasant girl

  • (She was an icon for...) One Hundred Years War
  • Battle of Orleans

  • She is now St. Joan of Arc
  • She was the military leader of the French army that won victory over the British
Quote: "I am not afraid... I was born to do this."
  • She was a martyr.
  • She became a symbol of the Catholic church in the 16th century.
  • She is a symbol of French patriotism.
  • She was burned at the stake at age 19.
  • She helped Charles VII become king of France.
She's important because...?

  • she was a big help with the 100 Year War.
What's the big deal?

  • Joan of Arc was put in command of the French Army at age 17.
  • She helped the French win in the 100 Year War when they were about to lose.
  • France may not be the France it is today!
Most significant achievement?

  • She led the French to victory.

Joan of Arc Child of War, Soldier of God (Trailer)