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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of April 13-17: Stay healthy!

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COVID-19: Be safe!

Please stay safe and healthy during this period of distance learning! Classified staff, please refer to the calendar Jen sent in regards to your working schedule.

Zoom Meetings for Instructional Staff

Grade-level meetings are Wednesday. Below is the schedule:

Specials/Kindergarten/4th Grade 8:15-8:45

PreK/2nd Grade/5th Grade 8:50-9:30

ESE/1st Grade/3rd Grade 9:35-10:05

There is an optional Q&A meeting on Thursday at 1:00 pm.

You will receive email Zoom invites this week!

Parent Contact


Please read for a slight update on parent contact of those hard to reach families. You will continue reaching out on Mondays to your students.. If you do not hear back, please put the students' name on the concerns spreadsheet. You do not need to continue reaching out daily. Make the attempt Monday and if there is no return to you, that is all you can do. We will try an attempt also one time and that's it for the week. We will document as well.

Chat w/ Christine from iReady

I emailed Christine to see if an optional Q&A on Zoom would be possible regarding iReady questions and concerns. We are hoping to meet April 15 at 2:30. Stay tuned for an invite link.

Marking Something as Done

I will be making a video to teach parents how their child marks something as "done" in Google Classroom. I am only sharing the link with teachers. We discussed this on our optional Q&A call. Some teachers want their students marking this while others do not. I want to avoid as much confusion as possible. Rather than post it online, I will share it with you and let you share to your classroom/parents as you want! Hoping to have this for you tonight.


You only have to post grades in Skyward. Keeping a spreadsheet or log is optional!

Student Progress Spreadsheet

Heather and Janelle shared the student progress spreadsheet on Saturday. Please follow the color coding system on the top of each page to highlight your students' information. This needs to be done by the end of Monday. Please reach out to your parents by the end of Tuesday. I have spoken to many worried parents over the past week and tried to ease their minds. They feel they are not doing things right, are stressed out, etc. I assure them when I speak that the teachers are patient and know they are trying their best. Please make sure you communicate the same things. Below are sentence stems you can use when making contact Tuesday...

For the kid that met all goals with appropriate pass rate: "I see that Luke met his goals for the week and pass his lessons. Way to go! We appreciate you supporting him."

For the kid meeting one iReady goal but not the other: "I see Luke had 30 minutes of iReady math but lots of time on iReady reading. We appreciate you working with him. We would love to see him try and get 45 minutes of iReady math this week. Let me know if I can support you or him in any way!"

For zero AR points: "I noticed Luke hasn't taken a AR test. I wanted to make sure you know Mrs. Streelman reads AR books on the morning announcements. Do you need help accessing the announcements or AR?"

For zero AR points: "I noticed Luke earned 2 AR points this week. Way to read! Our school has a goal for 2nd grade students to earn 5 points a week. Did you know about the free websites with read alouds? Is there anything I can do to help Luke meet his goal this week?"

For the kid with 100 hours of iReady: "I noticed Luke had 4 hours, 31 minutes of iReady reading. Way to work! I appreciate you encouraging him. I wanted to let you know iReady is designed for no more than an hour a week for the child. If you need things to keep Luke busy, I can recommend some great websites where he could listen to books and take AR tests."


if you are trying to reach out to a parent that only speaks Spanish, you can email Josie or Mayra for assistance. They will get back to you as soon as they are able!


Please remember to email Jen your absent students every Friday. To consider counting a student as absent, there was no contact from the parent or student all week and zero work was complete.

Concerns Spreadsheet

It is an expectation to check this spreadsheet daily. You do not need to mark anything if you have nothing to share! We will consider no news is good news on our end and your end! Remember, we will print these Monday mornings and clear them out for the new week. As I stated earlier, just try one time, then we will try one time. If nothing is returned, don't worry about making contact the rest of the week. Focus on the children and parents wanting your attention.

Calls Streelman Takes

I take a lot of phone calls, messages, texts, etc from parents. If it is important, I will let you know on the spreadsheet. If it is private, I will email you. Otherwise, I get A LOT of calls/texts from parents. It's usually little things, like passwords or due date issues. I handle those and don't always bug you and tell you unless I feel it might be something you need to know. For the parents that are worried, see below.

Weekly AR Expectations

In your Google Classroom, please label a topic Independent Reading: AR. Under it, you can put access links to different sites, like Epic and the AR website. You can also state the AR goal for the week. Please add this, if you haven't already, by Tuesday. Email Janelle or Heather if you need assistance!

Kindergarten--3 points

1st grade--4 points

2nd-5th grades--5 points

I will continue to push AR as an expectation. As I have said before, AR isn't the important factor; kids enjoying literacy is what's going to positively impact them. AR is just motivating tool we use at SES. Read alouds prepare students for more complex texts. A 1984 study by Thomas Sticht showed that "a child's reading level doesn't catch up to their listening level until around 8th grade." I thought this was very interesting and appropriate. Parents and children often think their child is "too old" for the read alouds. This isn't accurate! Please help me encourage the children to read. I cannot do it alone; I need your help.

Parent Concerns

This is a very difficult time for everyone. Imagine being a student-your world has been turned upside down. You may be at home with loving parents that take care of your basic needs, but that is not the case for all of our students. I want the staff, students and families at SES to feel as stress-free as possible during this time. How can we assist with this?

We have expectations for work completion but always want to keep it positive when a child isn't reaching that goal. Parents are truly doing their best. Some parents continue to go to work daily and children are left at home. If a child reads one book and does ten minutes of iReady the entire week, we need to find the good and make a call home thanking them for working and positively offer support of how we can help that child be even more successful.

I have never seen teachers work as hard as you guys have been working these past few weeks. I am truly proud to be. part of this team. Don't forget to put down the phone/computer and take time for you though. Parent messages will still be there tomorrow. If you have children, then you are likely enjoying the precious time we have with them at home that is not typical. Go outside and play together, have fun!


I am in Zoom interviews with the District all day Friday. If you need me, send a text or email. I promise to reply when I am available.


Our fundraiser is set to be delivered this Friday to the school. Details will be shared with parents via Facebook and Skylert.

Book Club

Our next meeting is April 21 at 10 am via Zoom. An invite will be shared!

Questions and Concerns?!

Please feel free to reach out to me! There has been a lot of information shared and this can be overwhelming. Let me know if you need anything or have questions!

We are in this transition to online learning together! :)

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